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Our mission is to replace the traditional patient role with co-designed programs and health systems that promote collaboration, engagement, shared decision-making, principles of reciprocal relationships, co-learning, partnership, trust, transparency, and honesty.


Collaborative Design for Recovery and Health Members in the News!

“Peers are using smartphone apps to reach people in their homes and their communities and offering real-time peer support services outside of a clinical setting”--Karen Fortuna, Forbes Magazine  

"Over the past four years, I have learnt the importance of being yourself during relationship building. Once I started being me — the surfer, the bookworm, the person telling silly jokes — the community opened up to me. Be real. Community members will naturally do the same, and this unlocks the doors to developing a relationship."--Karen Fortuna, Nature


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The Role of Loneliness in Early Mortality

When: Friday, April 17th 2020

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